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Hello, I'm Wayne Townsend and it's no secret that I'm running for the Vermont State Senate in Windsor County. As a Republican I feel strongly about our farmers, our youth, business, our Constitution and the fact that it's being stepped on. If you elect me I will work hard to cut wasteful spending and balance the budget without raising taxes and I don't mean pass the tax either.

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What qualifies me for this job?

Look at your tax bill and one may question what qualifies our sitting senators from Windsor County?

Common sense is my best quality.

I won't vote for a bill that will drive up taxes or a bill that will push out our businesses or a bill that will affect Vermonters negatively.

I stand with our police, military & our vets!

I support those who protect us. We need our police and our military to keep us safe. Then we need to suport those who have served.

What I Stand For!

Vermont Farms

Standing up for our farmers would be a good start to keeping this great state looking beautiful. Without our farmers Vermont won't be nearly as beautiful or productive.


By giving small business a chance to grow it would create more jobs and in return spread the expense around in a way that's not going to put it all on the backs of our hard-working Vermonters.

A Hard Working Native Vermonter!

I have a better view of Vermont from working the land and being out in the working field. I see what our Vermonters are struggling with. This great state isn't lost yet, we can fix it but I need all of you to get out and vote for change.

I Love Vermont!

I have studied hard and spent time in Montpelier sitting in Senate and house sessions learning how things work. After you elect me I can hit the floor running to fix major flaws within the system. My goal is to better this beautiful state and to lighten the stress load of our working Vermonters. There are decent Vermonters working in Montpelier but we need to weed a few from the left in order to be able to get things done. That's why I'm running for state senate in Windsor County. I want change for the better for all of Vermonters, but I need your help to get there. If you don't vote, it's time to register and get out and vote. I'm working for you..